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Get A Jumpstart On Your Future

Your path to a more manageable and successful business life starts with answering 3 simple questions. Download our free worksheet, “Three Decisions You Can Make Today To Start Relaxing On The Beach Tomorrow,” to help you start planning a more efficient and effective course for your business and future! Need a little help? Just let us know and I will schedule a no obligation, one hour session to help you.

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Leonard Lynskey’s Systematic Approach Equips You With The Tools You Need To Conquer Your Industry:

  • Learn how to recruit and hire the right types of minds to build a culture of success
  • Gain insight into how to align your training and management strategies to keep your team accountable and focused
  • Discover how to manage your business proactively to create predictable outcomes and building blocks for sustainable growth
  • Optimize your business model to eliminate redundancy, minimize waste, and spend every dollar wisely
  • Level up as a manager to realize your dreams
  • Build the foundation for a healthy, successful business that allows you to get away and relax once in a while!

What My Clients Say


With a Structure, the Real Issues Rise to the Surface

"Leonard has given our team direction through the this system. If you’re running a business and feel like you’re just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks then this system and Leonard Lynskey are the solution. Once we developed a structure, it really helped us to identify some of the core issues of our business."

Jim Floyd, Owner: Studio Fitness


Course Correct with a Remarkable Turnaround

"We were blinded by profitability, revenue and growth and lacking in effective processes, communication and structure which manifested into big profits giving way to big losses. Since we started implementing this system, we've taken bites out of the elephant, one at a time, and have seen a remarkable turn around. Had we not initiated the course correction with Leonard, I genuinely do not know where we would be."

Garth Hinze, CEO: Ark Pharmacies


Better Structure, More Profit and Better Employee Lifestyles

"We immediately recognized this system’s huge upside and ability to not only save money but identify issues and get them fixed much more efficiently. In less than 60 days we have implemented changes that resulted in over $300,000.00 annually with another $400,000.00 already in place to execute over the next 60 days."

Jimmy Parker, President: Stat Overnight Delivery

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