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“It’s consistency, not smiles that keep customers coming back.”

Well-documented processes, that are followed by all, ensure consistency for your customers and scalability of your business. However, it’s one thing to document a process but another thing entirely to have it followed by all. Embracing something new, such as a process, doesn’t come easily to people. If you’ve invested time, money and resources to implement a new reporting process to manage workflow and information, you probably know what I mean. Usually, just over half of the employees are using it a year later. Why?

Fear of Loss

Employees aren’t necessarily resistant to following a process, they are more likely afraid of losing something when asked to do so. The most common fears I hear are:

  • Loss of status – their role and importance to the organization will be diminished.
  • Loss of control – their freedom to do it THEIR way will be constrained.
  • Loss of certainty – there’s risk in trying something new that might not work, and there’s uncertainty that you will stay the...
EOS Traction Implementer

In his book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Marshall Goldsmith points out that the fundamental beliefs that drive our success can also make us resistant to change. We overestimate our contributions and sometimes take credit for things that others have accomplished while often ignoring our own shortcomings. These delusions are the result of success, not failure.

Are These Beliefs Holding You Back?

Goldsmith observes that the four key beliefs that have helped us become successful can also make it very difficult for us to effect change.

  1. “I have succeeded” successful people view the past as the prologue to the future. This belief becomes an obstacle when change is truly necessary.
  2. “I can succeed”...