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About Leonard Lynskey

Leonard Lynskey became an EOS® Implementer because of the profound impact EOS® had on his own company, turning a failing multi-million dollar pharmacy business into an extraordinary success.

Before EOS®, Leonard experienced his share of sleepless nights trying to find his way past several significant hurdles. As he edged closer to bankruptcy, concerns such as customer service, turnover, and of course cash flow were constantly occupying his mind. That left little room for other important thoughts and activities, such as family time and vacation.

In 2012, he came across an EOS® Implementer and soon after began implementing the EOS® model in his business. In the span of two years, Leonard and his leadership team turned the company around from a $2,000,000 loss to over $1,000,000 in profit, all thanks to EOS®.

After several years spent mastering the system for his own company, as well as coaching fellow business owners through their respective frustrations, Leonard realized his true calling was to help entrepreneurs with their journey through EOS®. Since becoming a Professional EOS® Implementor, he has successfully helped many clients get more of what they want from their businesses.

EOS® can be transformative for any business in any industry. Leonard will help you and your leadership team strengthen the six key components, correctly utilize the 20 tools, and implement a proven process that will allow your people to execute flawlessly. As a result, you will experience an immediate improvement in both your business and personal life.

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Lynskey Management Services helps owners get more of what they want out of their business. Learn more about our our experience, guiding philosophy, and the services we offer in this 4 minute video.

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Garth Hinze, CEO of Ark Pharmacies ‣

Leonard has been a tremendous asset and a real blessing to our company. The incremental progress we have seen within our organization of 90 is amazing, and thinking back to what has been accomplished since our first meeting 20 months ago is astounding! Prior to his implementation in our company, Leonard kindly warned me that we were headed down the same path of destruction that he had been down in previous years with his company prior to Traction and that I might be blinded by profitability, revenue, and growth and lacking in effective processes, organizational communication, and critical organizational structure. He could not have been more right. I took his word for it, and we implemented Traction just before a tremendously difficult season when the lack of core processes, communication, and organization manifested into the big profits giving way to big losses. We've taken bites out of the elephant, one at a time, and have seen a remarkable turn-around. Had we not initiated the course correction with Leonard, I genuinely do not know where we would be. If you are considering...


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