Manage your business from a new perspective (like a beach chair)

Implement a systemized process that builds accountability, structure and discipline, so you can grow a business that lets you live the life of your dreams.

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Are you running your business or is it running you?

Too often, status quo is the predictable path — you take one step forward and two steps back. There's no accountability, overall disorganization and you're unable to communicate your vision. The result? You're frustrated and doubtful, sitting awake at 2 a.m. questioning whether you have what it takes to steer the reigns of your organization.

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Build a business that runs on its own


Predict success

Get your team aligned, accountable and focused


Gain Traction®

Proactively manage your business and create predictable outcomes

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Realize your vision

Shift from firefighter to master and live the life you want to live

Texas EOS Coach

I've stood in your shoes

Over the past 30 years, I've been over my head in debt, had co-workers steal money and found myself with no plan to improve. Then I found a system that helped me turn my business around, launch four others, and have one 8-figure exit. I now help business owners use that same system so they can go from firefighting to building their business and future.

Leonard Lynskey, Owner: Lynskey Management Services

Your Doubts to Dreams Plan


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2. Implement foundational tools


3. Live your best life

What My Clients Say


With a Structure, the Real Issues Rise to the Surface

"Leonard has given our team direction through the this system. If you’re running a business and feel like you’re just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks then this system and Leonard Lynskey are the solution. Once we developed a structure, it really helped us to identify some of the core issues of our business."

Jim Floyd, Owner: Studio Fitness


Course Correct with a Remarkable Turnaround

"We were blinded by profitability, revenue and growth and lacking in effective processes, communication and structure which manifested into big profits giving way to big losses. Since we started implementing this system, we've taken bites out of the elephant, one at a time, and have seen a remarkable turn around. Had we not initiated the course correction with Leonard, I genuinely do not know where we would be."

Garth Hinze, CEO: Ark Pharmacies


Better Structure, More Profit and Better Employee Lifestyles

"We immediately recognized this system’s huge upside and ability to not only save money but identify issues and get them fixed much more efficiently. In less than 60 days we have implemented changes that resulted in over $300,000.00 annually with another $400,000.00 already in place to execute over the next 60 days."

Jimmy Parker, President: Stat Overnight Delivery

Tear off bandaids and give your business purpose, systems and efficiency

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Envision a business that runs effectively — even when you're parasailing

You want to slip away for a long weekend to the Caribbean. The problem is your team lacks accountability, you struggle to communicate your vision and instead spend your days paddling upstream with little progress. This makes you feel frustrated and doubtful. Your reality should mirror the life you want to live. Schedule your call and we'll help you implement the foundational tools needed to align your team, gain traction to grow and successfully predict outcomes — ultimately letting you live the life you want.

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Go from whack-a-mole to a systemized process

Simply reacting to day-to-day business needs and issues with no structure in place makes it nearly impossible to build your business and look beyond the moment. Change course. Learn how the choices you make today will influence where you spend your time, energy and money in the years ahead.

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